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We believe strongly in education options that work best for each individual family. While we believe that Streams of Hope Christian School is a great educational option, we recognize that it doesn’t work for all families. Because of this, we want to empower and support families who decide to homeschool.


We offer a wide range of homeschool support and educational opportunities. Click on the buttons below for more information:



Streams of Discovery Homeschool Co-Op

Streams of Discovery is a homeschooling co-op where families  discover new things and make new friends. We gather on Friday afternoons from 12:30-4pm for one class and community time. Classes span wide age ranges (e.g. 11-14 years olds) and are taught by parents. We have 15 week sessions each fall and spring that are themed. 


We are a community: 

  1. That loves and supports each other
  2. Fosters the spark of discovery for children and adults alike
  3. That makes exploring new subjects fun and engaging


Commonly asked questions about our Co-Op.

What is Streams of Discovery Co-Op?

The Co-Op is made up entirely of families working together to produce a learning and social experience for children of all ages. We meet on Friday afternoons and hold classes with snack and break time in the middle. Parents help by teaching or assisting in classes. The students are divided by age, not grade, which is often a 2-4 year age range. 


Each session is usually themed and classes are created to be interesting, engaging, and educational. Our hands-on classes will include cooking, speech and drama, history, art, science, music and movement, finances, and more. 


Lastly, and most importantly, we are a Christ-centered community. We pray and encourage children to see God working in their lives and to live as He would have them do. Streams of Discovery is an additional flexible enrollment option of Streams of Hope which operates within the structure of the constitution and by-laws of Heartland Church of Fort Wayne. Heartland is part of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) in the diocese of the Great Lakes (ADGL).


What is the cost of Co-Op?

We try to keep costs low and as simple as possible. We charge $100/semester/family. This equals $5.88/week/family. 

Included in this cost is free access to Streams of Hope's special events including art mornings, special presentations, participation in graduation, and discounted rates for afternoon classes. See the Executive Director for more details. 

When is Co-Op?

Co-Op runs with the Streams of Hope Academic Calendar from August through May. We meet on Friday afternoons from 12:30-4pm.


Where is Co-Op located?

Co-Op meets at Streams of Hope Christian School located within Heartland Church. Our address is 1025 Vance Ave. Fort Wayne, IN 46805


What does a typical day at Co-Op look like?

12:15 -12:30 pm:  
When you arrive at Co-Op, you’ll park at door 3. When you enter the building, you will check off your family name, fill out name tags for the kids, and grab your lanyard. From there, you will come to the small sanctuary, find an open spot to set down your family’s belongings while your kids find their friends. Please stay in the sanctuary and assist with watching the kids.

12:30 -12:45 pm:
Co-Op Opening: This is where we’ll come together, pray, and prepare for the afternoon. Kids will be dismissed to their teachers and will walk calmly to their classes.

1:30 - 1:45 pm:
Kids are brought back to the small sanctuary for break and snack. If the weather permits, teachers may take the kids into the courtyard or to the parking lot playground. Kids are then taken back to class for the second half of their class.

2:30 - 3pm:
Community Time: 2:30pm is our official closing in the Small Sanctuary. We will begin clean up at 3:45, so between 2:30 and 3:45, families are encouraged to stay to chat, play, and just spend time in community.  

3:45 pm:
Clean up and good-byes! Many hands make light work and we need to put the classrooms and shared spaces back in order before we leave. 

How is the curriculum/classes decided?

The homeschool coordinator works with the Streams of Hope Executive Director to set the classes and curriculum. After a parent is assigned a class, they then come up with the curricula under the guidance of the Coordinator. We have access to a wide range of curricula through Streams of Hope Christian School.


How are the kids grouped?

The kids are grouped by age and not grade level. As the Coordinator and teachers get to know your child, they may decide to keep your child with younger or older children to give them the best experience. We want your child to be comfortable in their classes in terms of peer interaction and academic levels. You may also provide input as to where your child is placed.


What is the snow/weather protocol? Do we have make-up days?

We follow the Streams of Hope Academic Calendar. We will notify you by text and email if we cancel Co-Op. Co-Op may be cancelled because of inclement weather, special events or unanticipated emergencies. When weather is an issue, parents will receive a text indicating whether Streams of Hope will be delaying or cancelling classes. If we do not cancel or delay but parents choose to stay home, they are responsible to inform the Coordinator via text. 


Because Co-Op families are homeschool families, Streams of Discovery is a supplemental homeschool program meant to support and enrich your homeschool experience. 


What level of parent involvement is required at Co-Op?

This is not a drop and go program. Parents will serve as teachers and teacher assistants. Parents are to remain in the building at all times. 


Streams of Hope half or full day students can opt to participate in the co-op under the direct supervision of the Homeschool Coordinator in place of their parent or guardian.


Are the adults involved in Co-Op background checked?

Yes! We believe strongly in making sure both the children and adults involved in Co-Op are safe! All adults that will interact with children at the co-op are required to be background checked and go through Ministry Safe Training prior to working with children. Heartland Church performs all background checks and provides the Ministry Safe Training. 

What should we bring to Co-Op?
  • Families can bring drinks and snacks for break time or community time. Kids are only allowed to take water bottles into classrooms.
  • Kid’s backpacks: The kids should have some sort of bag and folder to carry their things to and from Co-Op. It’s a good idea for them to have a pencil or two and some sort of coloring medium. However, in general, we do have those supplies for the kids. 
  • Any materials you need for teaching your class.
  • Any materials your child’s teacher has asked you to bring in.
How do I know if Co-Op is right for me?

You can email Jill Haskins at jill@streamsofhopeschool.com or call/text 260-246-2342 for more information.

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Hybrid & Online 

School Options

Hybrid School (two days in person, 3 days at home)

Online (a la carte, part time, and full time enrollment options)


Email jill@streamsofhopeschool.com for more information


Homeschool Consulting

High School Transcript Service

(Grades 8/9-12) — $25/transcript

  • Write and complete the official high school transcript (no previous transcript required)
  • We will keep the transcript record for 10 years
  • Create course descriptions for your records
High School Transcript Update

(Grades 8/9-12) — $10/transcript

  • Update previously written transcript (either from Streams of Hope or from homeschool)
  • We will keep this transcript on record for 10 years
High School Path Planning

(Grades 9-12) — $50/student

  • We will meet with parents and student to plan out a general path of classes for high school.
  • Discuss goals for after high school and look at options for electives/dual credit
  • Browse curriculum
  • Does not include choosing curriculum, lesson planning or transcript services
Homeschool Consulting

(1st-12th Grade) — $20/family

  • Discuss and answer questions about how to begin homeschooling
  • Browse curriculum
  • Provide help to determine the path that is best for your family
  • Discuss learning styles and overall goals for your homeschool
Placement testing + 1 year Curriculum Planning


  • Asses your child to determine grade/ability level as well as learning styles.
  • Suggest curriculum options based on your input and the needs of the student.
  • Provide 1 year of lesson plans to be used through  Homeschool Planet (homeschoolplanet.com)
    *homeschoolplanet.com subscription not included in price and is required ($69.95)
  • Provide training for homeschoolplanet.com (lesson management, attendance, and record keeping)
  • Provide a list of suggested curriculum to purchase including links/cost of purchase**
  • Does not include oversight of your student’s education throughout the year
  • Provide ongoing help regarding curriculum, homeschoolplanet.com and general education questions throughout the school year

** Cost does not include textbooks/supplies **

Yearly Achievement Testing

(3rd-12th grade) — $65/test

  • IOWA Assessments administered on a determined date each May
  • Review/interpret test results
  • We will keep these results on recored for 5 years.

For More Information

Please contact: Jill Haskins


Call or Text: 260-246-2342