Mrs. Haskins work as National Microschooling Center's Indiana Field Coordinator

December, 14 2023

Mrs. Haskins (Executive Director and a classroom teacher at Streams of Hope), recently traveled to the National Microschooling Center's headquarters located in Las Vegas for a training session to learn more about microschooling in America. 

While there, she toured 3 local microschools, learned more about what it means to be a microschool movement builder in Indiana, and spent time with other microschool leaders from across the nation.

Microschooling currently holds an approximate 2% of the market share in education in the United States. This is equal to the amount of Catholic Schools across the United States. 

Microschooling is growing in popularity because of the diverse needs that are met for both students and their families as well as educators. 


If you are a microschool leader, interested in learning more about microschooling in Indiana, or are a parent looking for a microschool in Indiana, Jill Haskins can help you get connected! Email her at for more information!

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